General Information


One course lasts from Saturday through Friday. (Details see  Dates)

Thursday evening there will be a farewell party for parents and children.

The Hockey School will be visited by players of the CZE / KHL / NHL during the courses.

Participation in a one week course includes multilingual 24-hour chaperoning by qualified pedagogical personelle. In addition to that the School will be supervised by qualified  medical personelle .


A healthy and balanced diet will be provided: Meals include a well balanced breakfast, a healthy and energy supplying snack in the morning, a full meal at lunch, a rich snack in the afternoon and a strengthening dinner at night.



The courses include


·         12 on ice units

·         3 extra practices for goalies

·         6 off ice units

·         2 stickhandling units

·         2 theory /video analysis units

·         3 games 

o    Panci International Color Cup

o    Panci International Hockey School Jersey & Socks


On Ice Practices:

Off Ice Practices:

skating skills


stickhandling skills

speed – dynamics

shooting skills


1 vs 1

core practice

games / hockey sense



Zumba/ Kickbox





theory / video



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